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In the fall of 1951, in Pierre, South Dakota, our  mother, Margaret Cosner stored most of our family's personal possessions in a warehouse along the banks of the Missouri River, only after assurances that the storage facility was safe from burglary, fire and flood.

Our family then departed for an extended visit to our grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins in Stirling and Campbellford, Ontario, Canada.

In April, 1952, in Pierre, the Missouri, flooded with the spring thaw, overflowed its banks and flooded the warehouse where our belongings were stored.  What was not damaged or destroyed by flood waters, was stolen by flood scavengers.

From that time onward, even up to her death at the age of 91 in 2001, on any visit or outing or when viewing pictures or magazines, each time an antique, a piece of china,  or glassware, or furniture was admired by one of us, Mother would remind us wistfully:

"We had one like that, too, but it was lost in the flood."

The result of this experience, even though we were preschool age when it happened, was to kindle a keen interest in unique and fine things, heighten our appreciation, and whet our appetites to know more about their origins, understand their designs and identify their markings, etc.

After accumulating huge and varying collections of all sorts of antiques and bric-a-brac, we began to look for ways to market some of these items and started with garage sales, which grew into our shop, ...lost in the flood Antiques, at 6 Courthouse Square, Cleveland, Cleveland, Georgia  30528.  By the late '90's we were selling on ebay and offering our help in conducting estate sales to clients needing to dispose of personal property.  Along the way we have all developed our personal specialties, gained considerable expertise as to values and marketability, honed our skills in salesmanship, organization, display and marketing, and become experts in the business of estate sales.  To say "we know it all" will never be true, but between our collective knowledge and experience and the experts to whom we have access "we can find out...!"

We are the ...lost in the flood team:

Joe Cosner           Lexie Cosner Moye                Jerry Moye              Maxine Trapnell