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Estate sales are fun!


1.  Remove all items that are not for sale from sales areas.

2.  Sales areas should be cleaned and dust free.

3.  Items for sale should be clean and as appealing looking as possible.

4.  "NOT FOR SALE" signs only make shoppers want it more!  If it is not bigger than a grand piano, it should be removed from sales areas.

5.  Liability insurance should be in place before sale preparation begins.

6.  Leave pricing up to the estate sale experts,  you are paying for their expertise.

7.  Plan what will be done with unsold items, ie:  given to charity, sold to a buyout person, retained by estate or owner/agent.

8.  Leave logistics of the sale to the estate sale expert, ie:  ingress, egress, etc.

9.  Sale site is best if unoccupied (no one living there) from the time it is turned over to the estate sale expert until sale is over.

10.  Advise estate sale expert of any unusual sign ordinances or community rules which may impact signage or parking, etc.


1.  Don't give your friends and neighbors a preview.  You will profit more with the increased anticipation.

2.  Don't allow any presales.*

3.  Don't attend or hang around the sale site during the sale; this distracts the estate sale experts and can interfere with sales.

4.  Don't quote prices of items to friends or neighbors before the sale, leave selling the the experts.

5.  Don't leave small valuables that are not for sale at the sale site, even in a closed off room, since the estate sale experts will not normally be responsible for such items.

6.  Do not remove items from the sale site after the contract is signed, except after consultation with the estate sale expert.

*Estate sale company is usually due a commission on any items presold after the signing of the contract.