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Estate sales are fun!

When you contact us about liquidating an estate, this is what will happen:

1.  We will come to the property involved and inspect the contents, location, access and any other pertenant factors related to holding a sale.

2.  If we determine that a sale on site is the best choice for disposition of your property, we will provide you with a written contract which will indicate exactly what you can expect us to do, what we will expect you to do, what the services will cost, when the sale will be held, etc.

3.  Upon execution of an agreement we will begin to inventory the most valuable items and research those items that demand additional information to insure the highest return.

4.  We will come on site with an experienced crew of the size dictated by the size of the sale and set up necessary tables, arrange the furnishings so that they are shown to the best advantage, price each item, provide display cases for fine jewelry and other valuables, and provide additional lighting as required to adequately display your items.

5.  We will determine what advertising is required, including:  flyers, signs, newspaper ads, internet ads, email notifications, etc.

6.  We maintain a list of serious estate sale buyers and know what they are most interested in, so that we can provide the best possible exposure for your sale.

7.  We will staff the sale with an adequate crew of sales persons, cashiers, etc to be sure that customers will be served quickly and efficiently, and so that potential buyers get the attention needed to close sales on particularly valuable items.

8.  We will dismantle the sale immediately following the final sale day, clean up sale debris, provide advise as to the disposition of the unsold items and leave the premises "broom clean".

9.  We will provide a written statement of the gross proceeds from the sale with all sale costs listed and any other breakdowns required by you, the owner/agent.

10.  Finally, we will settle the account just as soon as practicable after the sale ends.